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Our Seniors need you!
The Golden Age Center provides good nutrition, great fun, good friendships, exercise programs, health events and so much more, as we work toward good health and wholeness for all of our senior citizens in the Comfort Texas area of Kendall County. 

VOLUNTEER: We have a lot of volunteer opportunities for our meals on wheels program and throughout our daily schedule. Please consider giving of your time and talent to our mission! 
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WE CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU! Please give to our Comfort Golden Age Center Foundation in our support of our mission! You can send a check to the mailing address below. 

Thank you so much!! 
"The Comfort Golden Age Center is a GREAT place. Every time I go there I have an awesome time! I love to talk with my friends and they always have great food. I also love to shop at their little resale shop because I find so many handcrafted items. I have also attended each of their health fairs so far (they have them once a month) and they are FREE! Come join all the fun at the Comfort Golden Age Center!"
                        - A. Aguirre

""I do not know what I would do without the Comfort Golden Age Center. I come here every day and enjoy a wonderful time with friends! My husband died two years ago so my time at the Center keeps me active and makes me very happy! I love this place!!"
                        - Anonymous 

"Just completed our Meals On Wheels delivery! Only took about 35 minutes out of our day to deliver to the senior citizens of our wonderful town of Comfort..they really appreciate a hot meal and a friendly Hello! If you have a small window of time to help your neighbor, Meals on Wheels is a great way to do it! My aunt, who has been volunteering for a while, needed a driver while she "jumped" out to deliver...so what I thought was a one time favor has turned into a once a week opportunity to make someone smile. My girls have even joined in on the fun! If you would like to volunteer, give the Comfort Golden Age Center a call....830-995-3032!! They really need your help...even if it's once a week, once every other week or even once a month!"
                          - Anonymous 
                      Meals on Wheels Volunteer
Comfort Golden Age Center
A Great Place for Seniors!
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Comfort Golden Age Center
628 Hwy 27
Comfort Texas 78013

Mailing: P. O. Box 356, Comfort, Texas 78013
Phone: 830-995-3032
Email: gac.356@gmail.com
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      Shelly, Aubrie and Kiara Pankratz have been volunteering this summer at the Center and the experiences they have ahead will be with them for the rest of their lives. They have learned about their community through the eyes of it's founders and they have learned so much about their paternal grandparents. I have been helping fill in the gaps for Meals on Wheels and have bonded with several people on the routes and the blessings are more then I could have imagined! When was the last time you got kissed on the forehead and hugged just because you dropped off a hot meal to a Senior of our Community! I know I am going to help out as I can in the fall.
                  Shelly Scott Pankratz
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Thank you! 
Your assistance brings health and happiness to our Seniors on a daily basis! 

If you own a local business or would just like to join us in helping our Comfort Seniors please call us at 830-995-3032. Thank you! 
Dinah Johnson is the perfect person to be the Executive Director of the Golden Age Center. She loves what she does and the people coming into the center love her. I can't think of anyone else that could do as good a job as she does for the center. She has a way of getting volunteers to help out with various jobs. Those volunteers like helping her out.